Wednesday, June 22, 2011

So Many Levels, So Little Time

I've been asked to do an interview about Math in Your Feet for what seems to me to be a big deal blog.  I'm excited!  But in the planning of it, the writer asked to see my program in action.  Not having any video to share at the moment (I know, I know...I'm working on it!) he suggested rounding up some kids and video taping me working with them as a supplement to the written post.  Here's my response:
"With a few kids you would get to see what the dance looks like, but it would be important to keep in mind some other things that can't be observed unless it's a larger group.  This program is multi-layered in its approach to learning, working on social/emotional challenges (collaborating with a partner, independent learning and creating, no one 'right' answer), physical challenges (coordination and beat competency), intellectual challenges (pattern recognition, permutations, combinations, transformations), etc.  The program is also sequential, and the math and dance build on each other as the program progresses; the real mathematical thinking is not as obvious in the beginning stages when the kids are still learning how to create their Jump Patterns.  So, we might need to talk more about the different layers of math within the program after watching the basics."
It's so worth it to go deep, but these days, it's easy for schools to say, "That's nice, but we don't have time for that." or, "We'll let them have some fun, but then it's time to go back to math class." 

I say, if you can go this deep and cover so much ground in just five days (although you know I'd love more time with the kiddos) why not jump in with both feet and a smile? 

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  1. It'll be great when you have a video for sharing your work!


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