Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Video: (Percussive) Dance Forms of Mexico's Son Huasteco

I was searching for Mexican son jarocho dance and found this! I'm enamoured with the soft little sounds they make with their feet, as well as the singing style. The dancer, Artemio Posadas, does a little demonstration in the middle of the video that shows the softer sounds very clearly.

...and here's one more, this time of Irish sean nos (old style) step dancers. The video had disabled embedding, but here's the link! See what you think in terms of similarities and differences between the Mexican and Irish percussive dance styles.


  1. What about Bomba from Puerto Rico?

  2. Hmmm...interesting. I took a quick look at some videos and it seems, while Bomba has specific foot patterns, there is no intent to create percussive sounds. It's a fine line, I suppose, but in my mind percussive dance is about being part of the music both auditorially and visually, whether its foot based or using other parts of the body.


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