Thursday, July 10, 2014

That time my kid made me a math book while I was away

One of the best things about going out of town to work is coming home to discover some new math treasure my kid has created during my absence. One of my favorites was a couple years ago when she embellished a piece of fabric with a beaded freeze pattern. Here's what I got this morning after returning from a fabulous day-long Math in Your Feet intensive with some amazing educators in Connecticut.

The first page says: "Shapes can be found in everything! Especially a cat. Make a graph."

I think I'm supposed to put an X for every shape I see in the cat.

The second page says: "A cat running across a baseball rhombus! [!!!] Half of a rhombus is another triangle! There are ____ triangles. How many triangles. Answer on the back."

How many do you see?

Her answer was 6.

Apparently she went downstairs (where all *my* math making materials are kept, even though she has plenty of making supplies upstairs) when she wasn't supposed to.  But the call of the scissors and glue sticks were just to great, I suppose!

I was supposed to discover this on my desk at some point, but she was too excited to wait.  What a treasure!

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