Thursday, March 31, 2011

Fearlessly Creative

It's my new favorite phrase.

I made it up, I think.

Are you?  Is anyone you know?  If so, how? 

Also, notice I didn't say 'artistic' at any point (until now when I wanted to make sure you knew I mean creative does not always equal artistic...)


  1. I'll be that those who appear fearlessly creative are painfully creative.

    If you appear fearless in your creativity, it probably means that you are creative by nature. Thus, you create regardless of whether it is appropriate or not. This gets you in trouble with peers. Often.

  2. Interesting. I think you're right about fearless=creative by nature (but not the painful part, I think that's just a sterotype). Here's an e-mail I got after this post was first published (all names have been changed/removed to protect the innocent ;) --

    "This is relevant to your blog post. And I couldn’t bring myself to write an answer to your question online, but [my husband] is easily the most fearlessly creative person I know. He makes things just to make them, just to feel something while he is doing it. He makes more mistakes than successes. He makes things out of nothing, and he makes things that are nothing. And then he stumbles upon great somethings. Of course I only see his genius when he’s gone and I have some perspective. I rarely feel this way when he’s around, and being so annoyingly and unhelpfully creative..."

    What do we do with this kind of energy? It is annoying, overwhelming, and frustrating to others at times, but also amazing, breathtaking and transcendent, a testament to the best of what humans have to offer.

    When you say 'gets you in trouble with your peers' is that thought placed in a school setting or in general? Is getting into trouble a bad thing?

    Thanks for your thoughts! :)


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