Tuesday, December 3, 2013

How Are We the Same?

At my daughter's school, middle of the morning, to pick her up for a dentist appointment.  Ran into the restroom before I went to get her.

In the restroom I inadvertently opened a stall door with a little person inside. Apologizing, I moved on to the next stall.  A darling conversation ensued along the lines that the latches weren't that tricky, but were very tricky if you were a five-year-old child. And then the delightful conversation continued when I noticed that we had both opened our respective doors at exactly the same time...

Me: "Hey look! We left at the same time!  ... And now we're washing our hands at the same time..."

Child: "And we're both using soap at the same time."

Me: "And now we're both rinsing..."

Child: "Do you like to do things at the same time?"

Me: "I don't know, do you?"

Child: "Maybe."

Me: "... and now we're both drying our hands at the same time."

Child (walking toward the closet door): "Oh, I thought that was the door..."

Me: "They do look the same, don't they?  Hey, I know, let's go out the restroom door together at the same time!"

And out we go, into the hall, and on with our respective days. 

At the same time. She is little, I am big.  She is young and I am ... not young.  She was at one sink, I the other.  And yet, we did the same actions at the same moment.  And in that moment we were the same.  And we knew it.  And that was fun!

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