Friday, December 27, 2013

"Its math skills are the wonder of the land"

My eight year old gave me a lovely Christmas present.

By way of explanation, long-time readers are well aware of her affinity for cats. In addition, we have taken a very inclusive approach to learning math by which I mean that we endeavor to find it in all parts of our daily life.  This is why math appears so frequently in her expressive moments and is featured prominently here in the small piece of prose presented to me on Christmas morning.

(I've standardized her spelling...)

A cat is graceful and beautiful but most of all its math skills 
are the wonder of the land.

A cat needs to understand the agile speed and how much 
force to run to catch a squirrel!

Otherwise it will not stop. It also has to understand the
geometry and agility of jumping!


  1. I love it!
    Dogs, on the other hand, must be pathetic at math. The squirrels laugh at our two dogs and taunt them by wandering aroung the yard away from the trees. :)

  2. Beautiful! Has your daughter yet encountered Penrose the Mathematical Cat? The picture reminds me of him very much.


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