Monday, February 10, 2014

Micro Blogging on Facebook

I haven't been blogging here a lot lately. I have, however been doing lots of reading and research as I work the manuscript of my new book about how and why math and dance make great partners in learning.

As I read, and write, and read again, I find many interesting nuggets to share, but most of them don't seem to warrant a full post.  So, I'm putting them on the Math in Your Feet page on Facebook.

Recent posts have included:
"Many more students were successful because there were many more ways to *be* successful." Jo Boaler explaining complex instruction in a short video.
Links to a dazzling diversity of multiplication tower models. 
Some of my thinking-through and reactions to my reading, related to book writing about the use of manipulatives in math learning.  There has been a lot of great conversation around these posts.

I hope you'll consider joining us on Facebook! (And, if you're not a Facebook kind of person, all those posts do go directly to Twitter, so consider following me there!)

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