Friday, February 21, 2014

Why I'm On Flattr

An international follower of mine recently got in touch to say she loved my blog and wanted to Flattr me if I'd sign up for a creator account. Turns out Flattr is a platform for micro-donations. When you like someone's content you can send them money, sort of like a tip in a restaurant. For a freelancer and content creator whose work has been pinned around the globe (including school district websites) this seems like an appropriate step to take.

This request to join Flattr brings to the fore an issue I think about a lot. As a freelance professional, I hold no regular chair, position or job. I've been sharing my ideas (many in the form of projects I've created) on this ad-free blog for some time. Blogging, as well as my activity/sharing on Facebook and Twitter have always been in the spirit of professional learning and always with the hope for conversations with interesting people. I have benefited greatly from these activities -- but they are still all within the purview of my profession and essentially uncompensated.

I do want to be clear, however, that although it's, um, flattering to have been asked to create a profile, this post is not a call for donations. I simply want to point out how our internet economy is shifting/changing and, especially, how we as citizens of the internet are beginning to see the value of freely sharing both quality content and monetary compensation. It is nice to think that this vehicle is available to someone who wants to appreciate my work in this manner. So, I am now happy to Flattr profile!

As I was wrapping up this post I got notice that I had received my first three flattrs!  My international follower had appreciated two specific posts: Math by Design: Paper Patterns and A Game of Her Own: Discovering Division and provided a third Flattr for my whole blog! These have not yet showed up in the side bar count on this blog for some reason, but they do in the '.fr' version of my blog address. I'm thinking this is because the button doesn't recognize ".com" since Flattr is based in Europe? It's still a new platform with some growing to do but I am happy to be, for the first time, an early adopter! 


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