Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The Right to Move

My daughter (5 years old), upon the occasion visiting a standard fourth grade classroom, remarking on the desks and chairs:

"What's with all this sitting around?"

The teacher's response:

"Well, we try not to do too much of that."

My daughter, proudly, in reply:

"At my kindergarten [half-day program] we only sit around at circle time.  We get to go outside before circle time, and then again after snack..."

I'm not sure if I am rubbing off on her or if this is her own individual expression and sense of entitlement speaking.  In her world, she gets to move, at home and at school.  And what's more, she seems to be cognizant of the fact that she has this freedom, that she is allowed to move and is not tied down to a desk. 

As we work, literally one step at a time, to get kids the opportunities for movement which they need for brain and body growth, as well strong and resilient spirits, I think I will keep this image firmly at the center of my mind: the little girl who believes so firmly that movement is her birthright.

Not an add-on, not an extra, and not something to be earned. A right.

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