Friday, November 5, 2010

Video: Bloomington Dancers in a Groove

Video: Mary Devlin -  Welcome Table Dress Rehearsal - February 2010

Choreography by Abby Ladin, with contributing footwoork from me, to the tune Mary Devlin, by Sam Bartlett. Moira Smiley belting it out on vocals along with Malcolm Dalglish and others. 

*If you have a Facebook account you'll be able to view this video. My apologies if you're not in that category.  It may take some time, but I'll work on getting it up on YouTube.

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  1. I want to learn how to create a percussive beat class for high school kids at my alternative school. I heard First Lady Obama introduce the idea of combining multiplication tables and dance. It instantly intrigued me, even though I'm not a math teacher, but my ESOL kids don't have mastery in basic match skills. This would be a wonderful pilot program as we are also creating a percussion class! How can I find out how to learn myself, and then create this class? Ms. Debra Clark. Email:


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