Monday, November 1, 2010

Welcome One and All (and Bring Your Questions!)

I've had a number of new visitors in the last few days, which I'm really excited about.  This blog is still in it's infancy (less than one month old) and I'm glad that the topics here are of interest. 

To everyone, new and returning, WELCOME! 
I'm happy to see evidence of your visits and hope that you will be checking in again. Please consider formally 'following' this blog by clicking the 'Follow' button to the right of this post.

I'm aware that I have a widely focused lens here, including arts integration in general, math and dance/movement integration, kinesthetic learning, creativity and creative problem solving. From my point of view these seemingly disparate topics are all part of the same map.  I will continue creating posts around these themes, but if you have any particular questions or thoughts I am very interested in hearing whatever you'd like to ask or share. 

For example, someone has already asked me about what it is about moving and kinesthetic learning that is so effective in helping kids learn, which I plan to address in the near future.  I have also sketched out a series of posts on the topic of creativity and what Stephen Nachmanovitch calls "the power of limits." 

So, come one come all and bring your questions!  Queries and thoughts gladly received in the comments section of any post or at malke (dot) rosenfeld (at) earthlink (dot) net. 

I look forward to hearing from you!

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