Thursday, March 28, 2013

Full to the Brim

I've got so many amazing things happening these days.  Not only am I facilitating my daughter's path to math and bringing the Math in Your Feet program to students and teachers, but I've got a lot of other fun projects going on as well, all related to the theme of math and making. Take a look!

My TEDxBloomington Talk: Jump into Math!

It was an amazing process and, finally, an amazing day at TEDxBloomington.  (There I am in the green/yellow shirt at the end of the day when all the speakers, crew and organizers made their way onto the stage.)   

My talk will be online in the next couple months alongside the talks from Drew Ramsey, MD (one of psychiatry’s leading proponents of dietary change to balance mood, sharpen brain function and improve mental health), Ryan Germick (Google Doodle team lead), Eric Deggans (TV/Media Critic for the Tampa Bay Times and author of Race-Baiter: How the Media Wields Dangerous Words to Divide a Nation), Robert Einterz, MD (whose efforts have literally saved thousands of AIDS inflicted people in Kenya) and many other incredible people with incredible stories.  I was in fine company and it was an honor to share my my work in this way.

The Tape Chronicles Project
Oh Happy Day! The Tape Chronicles Project has finally launched!  I've had this idea for a couple years and am so excited to see what we can build. Here's the basic description:

Tape! The ultimate open-ended, the world is your oyster, creative, hands-on learning and making supply. Check out the endless ways tape can be employed in the interest of math, art, kinesthetic exploration, invention and education. 

Check out the Tape Chronicles page on my website and p
lease consider submitting examples of your own!!  

Teaching Artist Tool Shop
As part of my participation in the new collective, Teaching Artist Tool Shop, I created a video about what success looks like in my teaching of dance and math and in a moving classroom.  You can watch the video What Success Looks Like in My Teaching on my website.  From the feedback I've received, the ideas in this video can be applied across disciplines.

Moebius Noodles
In January I was invited to contribute to the Moebius Noodles blog!  I'm so honored! Read my first two contributions Thinking in Threes and Hidden Math: Book Edition and then spend some time over there in math adventure land!

Math in Your Feet Facebook Page
Oh, we're having so much fun over there.  It's the place where I share all sorts of cool percussive dance videos, incredible visual math art, links to interesting ideas about teaching and learning math....all of which would never really make a great blog post on their own.  We all hope you'll join us!

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