Saturday, March 30, 2013

A New Math Song Before Bed (Video)

So...who likes bedtime?  I, for one, am not generally enamored with detours from the normal bedtime routine.

But when my kid said, "Hey Mama! Want to hear this song I made up that helps you with your three times table?!" I decided to give her a little leeway so I could capture the moment.   What can I say, I'm a sucker for math!

The song starts: "There were three ice cream trucks at the corner of Circle Drive..."

My favorite part is 'on the corner of Circle Drive' since, of course, circles have no corners!  But, I'm pretty sure this was not intentional on her part.

Did see her looking off to her right to silently skip count the answers in her head?  We've been doing a lot with conceptualization of multiplication/division (arrays, multiplication towers, factor dominoes, scale, re-imagined factor trees, exploring the concept of units) but almost nothing with memorization.  

I'm happy to have this unexpected piece of evidence that she is thinking about and internalizing these concepts.  I'm also pleased to report a happy conclusion to bedtime!


  1. Do you live on Circle Drive, or was that part of what she made up?

    I hope some day to meet you both in person.

  2. It's awesome that she spends her free time making up songs and thinking about math. Very cute.


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