Saturday, March 2, 2013

"What Infinity Means to Me"

From the other room came:

"C'mon Amelia, time to write!"
"No, you're right handed!"
"Don't scribble!"

Curious, I checked it out.  "What's going on in here?" I inquired.

To which my seven year old replied, "Amelia [the doll she sewed] is writing an essay called 'what infinity means to me.'"

"Oh cool, what did she write?"

"It is sewing that has never been done [finished].  It is also a cloth that can never be done [finished].  And a mountain that reaches on forever."

"Wow, that's cool!  But, I'm curious why Amelia is thinking about infinity on a Saturday morning..."

"Well, she was in math class and this was her assignment."

Now there's a math class I'd love to attend!  Lucky dolly. 


  1. Amelia has such a perfect - poetic - understanding of infinity from a doll's point of view! There's a kind of haiku-like simplicity in what she's written. I'd have liked to be in that class too - but maybe it's for dolls only?

  2. Absolutely wonderful! Would you mind if I posted this on Ravelry and shared it on FB ? Such profound thoughts - natural for a child, amazing in its simplicity. I will add this to my collection of "A Child's Wisdom".

  3. Laura, that would be awesome, especially considering she has been doing some kind of hand-work since about the age of 4.5. These days she back to sewing, but has also taught her self to embroider and had a spurt of crocheting a while back. :-)

  4. Thank you - Merci - Vielen Dank!

  5. Done on Ravelry and Facebook:

    Still have a smile on my face. Such beauty in perception and imagination!


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