Saturday, January 21, 2012

Inspiration Strikes: Hexagonal Rotation Designs

Inspiration can strike at any moment.  Even mundane moments like flying in and out of the library to pick up a book on hold and then running home to make dinner.

Here's what I found on my way to the 'hold' shelf:

These are quilted snowflakes.  Snowflakes are hexagonal don't you know and just LOOK at these beauties.  I've always thought of a hexagon as a bit cumbersome, but these take my breath away.

I snatched up the book and devoured it.  I have no intention of quilting anything, but I am handy with paper and I think that somewhere within all this complexity is a (much simpler) project for younger kids, and possibly a fun construction challenge for older ones.

In my next post I'll share my first attempts (one failure and one more successful) at finding bilateral symmetry within a paper/fabric print and using it to create the rotational symmetry of something resembling a snowflake, or a star, or...err, well it looked nice, whatever you want to call it.

Until the next post when I share my modest efforts, here's a quick peek at the glorious visions of Paula Nadelstern's kaleidoscope quilts.

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