Monday, December 29, 2014

New Year? New Books!

It’s official! I will spend 2015 writing about my approach to combining math and dance in the Math in Your Feet™ program! Meaning in the Making: Embodied Mathematics in the Classroom will be published by Heinemann in 2016.

Meaning in the Making is for any K-6 classroom teacher, music or P.E. specialist, or home educator interested in understanding how and why to bring dance or movement into their math teaching. The book describes, analyzes and illustrates the learning that happens at the intersection of math and dance in the Math in Your Feet program and usefully extends these methods to help bring the moving body into any math classroom in a meaningful way.

The book (in print and e-versions) will include links and QR codes that take readers directly from descriptions of students engaged in various aspects of their math/dance making to video clips of the work referenced in the text. These video clips are part of a larger online book companion website that will house even more resources for facilitating Math in Your Feet with your students.

In the long term, I hopes to create an online learning and peer support community for teachers and parents learning to facilitate math/dance and moving scale math work with their own students.

Also, my book, Socks are Like Pants, Cats are Like Dogs, co-authored with Gordon Hamilton of Math Pickle will be published in 2015! This book, for young children (up to about grade 3), their siblings, and their adults, explores the concepts of numerical and categorical variables through games, puzzles and making. A project of Natural Math and Delta Stream Media.

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