About Malke

I am a percussive dance teaching artist, math explorer, curriculum designer, editor and writer. My interdisciplinary inquiry and teaching practice focus on the intersection of dance and mathematics and how to best illustrate these connections for students. With a B.A. in Social Science and Epistemology from the Evergreen State College in Olympia, WA, I have always been interested in how people know and learn things. 

You can read a whole lot more about my work at www.malkerosenfeld.com.

This blog is a place of musing, connection making, conversation, and sharing of ideas around making and learning math. This space represents the process side of my thinking and work, much of which ends up informing and improving the work I do in these other places:

Math in Your Feet
Math by Design workshops & project page
Teaching Artist Journal online writing project: ALT/Space
Moebius Noodles contributing writer


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  2. Great blog for Physical Educators! I like this!
    Keep us posted on your book. Got to get you out to @EPSNJ!


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