Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Statement of Purpose: The Nature of Bridges

"But there are bridges between the one sort of thought and the other, and it seems to me that the artists and poets are specifically concerned with these bridges.  It's not that art is the expression of the unconscious but rather that it is concerned with the relation between the levels of mental process...Artistic skill is the combining of many levels of the mind -- unconscious, conscious and external -- to make a statement of their combination.  It's not a matter of expressing a single level."

--Gregory Bateson, Steps to an Ecology of Mind, page 464

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  1. That's a good one! Your art is dance, mine is poetry, I guess. I love a poem the speaks at many levels. I want a poem that I can understand the first time I read it, and understand differently the next time, and the next...

    I've written an explanation of imaginary numbers in poem form (posted here). And I wrote a poem about teaching math when someone I had a crush on was watching (posted here). I'd like to write more math-related poetry, but it's not a combination I come to often.


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