Friday, November 23, 2012

Shhhh...Sneak Peek!

My new website is up in its temporary home waiting to have the Math in Your Feet address pointed to it.  In the mean time, I thought you might like taking a look.  It's got a ton of new features including an interactive News page and the brand new Math by Design section.  But the best thing of all is...

...a new two-minute Math in Your Feet video!!

I'm about to swoon, truly.  I've had the footage for a year or more, but only recently found the golden key that unlocked its riches. 

While you're there and if you're so inclined, I'd love to hear any feedback or comments you might have.  You can leave your thoughts here or in the comments of the News page.

You can find the site (for a few days) HERE.  

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