Monday, December 10, 2012

A List, Some Links and a Thank You!

I've been doing a bit of virtual housecleaning lately.  The Math in Your Feet website is newly and thoroughly updated, and with a new look to boot!  While making the shift to the new website I was inspired to formalize an idea that's been brewing for the last year, something I'm calling Math by Design.

I've realized that all the math and making stuff I've done with my kid, and others kids as well, over the last year is really an extension of the approach I use when teaching Math in Your Feet.  Math by Design: Paper Patterns is a story of one activity I developed for my summer programs but it is also the best description and illustration of the Math in Your Feet approach being applied to a medium other than percussive dance

I've also put a new list of "Key Posts" up on the right hand column of this blog, but I thought I'd share them here as well.   I think my favorites are Marveling at Moving Patterns and The Elephant in the Room -- both describe, in different ways, a moment in my math journey when I realized just how connected math (structure, order, pattern) is to our daily lives. Here's the full list:

Dance & Math
Marveling at Moving Patterns
A Big Discovery (Attributes)
A Moving Classroom: "Find Your Center"
Chicken or the Egg? A Math Integration Tale
Teaching Below the Surface
What You Can Learn from a Square

Math & Making
Solids and an Observation on Scale
Beading Attributes
Scissor Stories: Tales of Transformation
Stars, Factoring & Patterns
Math by Design: Paper Patterns

The Beauty of Math
The Elephant in the Room

Finally, I just realized I missed my 2nd blogiversary (back in October) so I'll take this opportunity now to say thanks to all of you who read, subscribe, follow and/or comment in this blog!  And, perhaps the Math in Your Feet Facebook page would also be of interest to you as well?  It's a pretty fun place, if I do say so myself!

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