Sunday, June 2, 2013

Introducing the Tape Chronicles Project

It's really no secret I love tape. I should have bought stock in it long ago.  In my mind, tape is the ultimate open-ended, the world is your oyster, creative, hands-on learning and making supply.  I mean, just look at how versatile it is:

You can change an environment in an instant!  Need kids to be able to visualize diagonals while creating foot-based percussive patterns? Voila!

Are you six and want to visualize a trajectory to the moon?  Tape's for you!

Even clear packing tape can be harnessed in the pursuit of art making and invention:

Check out the endless ways tape can be employed in the interest of math, art, kinesthetic exploration, invention and education -- and then consider submitting some examples of your own!  The Tape Chronicles are housed over at the Math in Your Feet website.  Hope to hear from you!

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