Saturday, October 26, 2013

Mathematical Weaving in St. Louis

My morning with hundreds of homeschoolers from babies to adults started like this... a quick powerpoint introduction of how to use these paper strips to make beautiful things. Create your warp with number multiples (3,3,3) or (2, 2, 2) or (5,5) or whatever you want and decide on a color pattern. Create your weave pattern rule (number of overs and unders) and then see how it affects your design when you invert that rule or change the weave color.

Result? You be the judge:

Make a rule. Ask questions about it.

Weave from top down.

Think qualitatively about numbers...

...but think visually as well.

No wrong answers.

Experiment with warp numbers and colors.


 Enjoy your results!

A marvelous Monday making math!


  1. I love all the beautiful and colorful pictures with this post. Do you mind if I pin it? Great job! I love hands-on math activities!
    Kids Math Teacher

  2. Thanks Lucy! Feel free to pin :-)

  3. May I include this post in the Carnival of Homeschooling?

  4. Absolutely!! And, please send me a link when it's up. :-) You can drop a line on the Math in Your Feet FB page here: or e-mail me at mjrbton at gmail dot com.


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