Sunday, November 7, 2010

Outside the Box 1: Mundane to Marvelous

The twice yearly time change is a fairly mundane event, and for a news writer it's probably a pretty boring assignment.  On Saturday I was thrilled to read this year's time change reminder in the local paper and I was not surprised that my friend Laura Lane was the author.  This little story is a great example of how one's approach to 'the facts,' or anything else for that matter, is really just a choice of which glasses you decide to put on. 

From the front page of the Herald-Times (Bloomington, IN), Saturday, November 6, 2010:
Reminder: Time to fall back is Sunday
By Laura Lane

Seems like just yesterday that Hoosiers set their clocks ahead an hour anticipating long summer evenings.

Come 2 a.m. Sunday, it's time to set those same clocks back an hour so daylight comes sooner.  Winter is nigh.

Every year on the second Sunday in March, daylight-saving time kicks in.  Then, on the first Sunday in November, it reverts back to standard time.

Don't forget.

And look forward to March 13, 2011, when daylight-saving time returns.
Feel free to send me more examples of thinking 'outside the box.'  Can you guess which is my favorite line in the piece?

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