Thursday, November 4, 2010

Teachers: Be There and Be (in a) Square!

Are you going to the NCTM 2011 Annual Meeting in Indianapolis, IN in April? 

I'll be there, so let me know your plans!  My 90 minute hands-on workshop Math in Your Feet: Teaching Geometry through Rhythm and Movement is one of the 650 presentations offered.  I was excited to see that it's been included in their presentation sampling for the 3-5 grade band. 

Come even if you're just curious, but know that teachers can learn to do this too and many before you have successfully implemented Math in Your Feet programming in their own classrooms!  A few years ago I developed a two-part professional development series in association with Clowes Memorial Hall of Butler University and Young Audiences of Indiana.  As part of this process I participated in the Kennedy Center's Seminar, "Artists as Educators: Planning Effective Workshops for Teachers."  This six-hour professional development series presents Math in Your Feet as a sequential program of activities which anyone can teach, even if they don't wish to do much moving themselves. 

My hands-on NCTM workshop will present a portion of the Math in Your Feet program.  You will be engaged in an in-depth investigation of transformations using simple foot-based patterns.  In particular, we'll harness the power of kinesthetic learning for understanding reflection and rotation symmetries in 3-D, a process which I'm sure will bring you some exciting new insights on the subject.  In addition to the math content you will experience learning with and through the arts. 

Hope to see you a square!

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