Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Ode to A Dance Board

LuAnne's dance board.  I am completely covetous.
My friend LuAnne recently started learning how to clog.  She had a friend make her a dance board so she could practice at home. 

Being the wonderful multi-talented artist that she is, she decorated it.  Now the board is magically practical.

My own board is not nearly as beautiful as LuAnne's.

In Math in Your Feet, children do their dancing and creative work inside taped 2'x2' squares that creates a similar dance space to the dance board that I use.  These boards are sometimes called step-a-tunes. 

At traditional fiddle festivals around the country, where old-time musicians gather in the summer, dancers often carry their step-a-tune around until they find a jam they like.  Then, they put down their board (in the dirt, in the mud, in the grass) and are able to join the music.

Here is LuAnne's recent ode to said dance board which I think perfectly celebrates this seemingly limited, yet completely freeing, dance space of the step-a-tune.  Enjoy!

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