Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Perfect Reasoning: The Right Brain Initiative (Manifesto)


  1. My son asked for the good art supplies this morning out of the art box after watching the video. (We homeschool) sometimes I've avoided the drawing activities because of the emotion it brings up, fighting perfectionism ect. This morning was painless.

    thanks for the inspiration (or boot, however you want to take it)

  2. Oh yeah! It never crossed my mind that this video might be inspiring to a kid, but I can see it now. There's so much freedom and whimsy in the whole piece.

    What kinds of things did he make? My 5yo daughter has been big on making books...the latest one is about cherry pickers ;-) (the people not the machines) Also, we finally got a really great hand-me-down desk that's big enough to really spread out and leave projects half done and not have to clean them up...just leave them out until you're ready to go back to them. It's been fabulous.

  3. He drew turtles swimming in a pond with bright yellow webbed feet. The Children's Museum has a tank where you watch them swim, but it was being cleaned when he visited on Tuesday, and he'd been sad about that.

    We are a bit short of desk space, so I cleared off my sewing table for him, he likes my Ott light.


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