Saturday, April 21, 2012


It's amazing.  You can start with a square...

Which can turn into a triangle....

Which can turn into a square again....

And then into another triangle...

And then, after just a little bit of cutting, you get this!

It's a little bit a magic, that!

(If you're interested, these perfect little paper squares [just over 3"x3"] were 500 sheets for $2.00 on special[staples] six bright colors and two softer shades.  I found them in the notepad section -- looks like sticky notes, but no sticky. Also, the particular fold I used comes from a little book on Kirigami I had lying around, and the cuts were improvisational after trying out some of patterns in the book.  I'm going to use these, and many others, to decorate my summer classrooms up in the city not to mention the walls of my own house!)

Linking to Saturday's Artist at Ordinary Life Magic. :-)


  1. Very creative! Thank you for sharing.

  2. ooooh. i love that. so eye catching. what a great idea. i wonder if staples is still having them on special.

  3. Momto5, even at regular price I think it's a deal, in the range of $4.50 for the 500 piece pack. That's a lot of paper! :-)

  4. Thanks for the lead on the paper! I'm running a summer origami session for kids and needed small brightly colored squares for the little kids. This is just the right price!


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