Sunday, April 28, 2013

Rich Contexts for Learning Math & Math Art

I am looking for as many examples as I can find of contextually rich math and math art learning in elementary education.  I put the idea out on Twitter, but I'm hoping readers of this blog will be able to contribute any and all ideas you may have.

So far my list includes:

Froebel Kindergarten

Moebius Noodles (check out their brand new book!)

The work of Catherine Twomey Fosnot.  Here's a great video where she explains her approach:

What is not yet clear to me is how and where math learning and math art learning overlap.  Math Art, to my mind, can include all artistic media including dance, music and visual forms.  If you are able to help me with links or thoughts of your own, even including specific examples from your own teaching, I would be most grateful.

This is only the beginning of my inquiry to make sense of how math learning can happen in multiple contexts, including artistic and design settings, with all roads leading to real comprehension and mastery of mathematics heading into middle and high school.


  1. I have some more resources here, if that is at all useful.

  2. That's perfect, David, thank you!

  3. Lots of my creative art/math ideas have come from you. I love your inspiring blog. Here are a few other math/art activities we have done.

    Roman Mosaics -
    Knitting and Pattern Design -
    Drawing -
    Quilting -



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