Sunday, March 16, 2014

3 Ways to Bring Math in Your Feet to Your Area

Would you like me to come to your area to share the Math in Your Feet and/or Math by Design programs? Are you interested in a professional learning opportunity or a homeschool event? Not sure how to get that to happen? Wonder no are three ideas to make my visit to your locale a reality!

Find a Presenting Organization

Look around your area and see if there are any performing arts venues, children's museums, or math and science museums with education departments that present children's performances and/or teacher workshops throughout the year. This is a particularly good option if you and your friends and colleagues are a mix of school- and home-based educators. Once you've identified a possible venue, let me know and I'll be happy to make contact, unless you'd like to take that step. If that's the case, you can point folks toward or to look at videos and other information about the workshops.

Find a School or School District
Do you have district- or school-wide professional development days? Would you value an option for active participation and learning that goes deep into the hows and whys of merging math and movement that also connects to necessary CCSS for Mathematics AND gives you specific experience with a road-tested program (not to mention all the materials you need for classroom implementation)?  Feel free to e-mail the appropriate administrator to suggest Math in Your Feet!  You can point them to or to find short videos of my work, publications, and workshop descriptions.

Go Rogue
Email me if you're interested in how to set up an event yourself!  This option would likely include tasks such as securing a space, getting the word out, and insuring a minimum number of participants to share the costs of my fee and travel expenses.  It's also the perfect option for homeschooling networks -- including the possibility of kids & adults learning together!

Logistics: Cost generally include a fee, travel (air or mileage) and lodging, if needed. I'm happy to talk pricing details via phone call or e-mail.

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