Saturday, March 22, 2014

Step Dance Saturday: The Warner Sisters & KIDS! (Video)

Hello and welcome to what will likely be a sporadic series called Step Dance Saturday! Our inaugural video is of one of my favorite step dancers, Melody Cameron, her sister, and a few of her sister's kids!  They live and dance on Cape Breton Island, which is part of Nova Scotia, Canada.

The dancing starts in the traditional way, with a Strathspey which transitions to a reel.  The Melody and her sister have choreographed their steps for this part.

When the two girls come on stage, they position themselves for the reel portion of the Scotch Four, a very old figure dance.  Both the figure and the step dancing itself originated in Scotland.  From this point in the video all the dancing is improvised, each dancer putting steps to the music as they wish.

As you watch, you can look for patterns of footwork performed on one side of the body and then repeated on the other side. It may take more than one viewing to be able to see those patterns.  If you want an added challenge, see if you can figure out the pathways the dancers are taking during the Scotch Four! 

Happy Dancing!

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