Friday, February 6, 2015

Intent on Creation [Family Math Night]

Everywhere I looked last night I saw people intent on making math. It was glorious!

I mean, just look at these messes!

Just look at the focus!

Just look at all the ideas!


As a finale, I present three views of the interlocking cubes created by one participant. I also hasten to add that while there are lots and lots of materials provided, kids and adults are free to do with the materials what they will. This often leads to unexpected and marvelous personal discoveries and creations, like these:


  1. OMG look at all that engagement! What a great group of photos.

    1. It was an amazing night! I love all the faces intent on making things...does a heart good. :-)

  2. What are the white connectors you used for the straw polyhedrons?? They are fabulous!

  3. How many were in attendance? Do you remember how you figured the amount for needed supplies?

  4. As a conclusion, I show three angles of the interlocking cubes one participant made.
    I hasten to add that, despite the abundance of materials offered, both children and adults are allowed to use the resources anyway they see fit.
    This frequently results in wonderful and unexpected personal discoveries and creations,


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