Wednesday, March 28, 2012


You are nine (or ten, or eleven). You have power.

You think mathematically while you move.  You make your own choices about how far to turn and in which direction, what kind of movement to use, where to put your feet, how to combine your patterns and whether to transform your pattern with symmetry.

Your choices are good, especially when they take time to perfect. 

You can enjoy the process...

...or not.

You can have fun and work hard at the same time.

You can be the one who usually gets sent around the building 'for laps' because you can't focus in class, and yet, in this case, you are the one who makes up the most fantastical, awesome pattern ever.

You marvel at how fast an hour goes.  Where does that time go?

It goes into your feet.

You have agency over your body, your brain, your ideas, and your learning.

Now that is power.

[It's also images of Math in Your Feet in action!  Photo credit: Ryan Richardson.]

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  1. Now that looks like true kinesthetic learning. It looks like you have developed a wonderful program.


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