Thursday, September 5, 2013

"What I Like About Math"

Today was my daughter's third day of 3rd grade and the teachers had the kids write in their math journals about what they like about math.

We home schooled for 1st and 2nd grade and so, as you might imagine, I was very interested in her answer!

Here is what she wrote (spelling adjusted):
What I like about math is:
1) It's a challenge but not so much I hate it plus I'm good at it.
2) My mom is a math teacher.*
What I do not like about math is:
1) It can be too MUCH of a challenge.
2) and sometimes I am tired and sleepy.
I am not very good at division but that doesn't mean I don't like it.
What stands out for me about my daughter's assessment of her own math learning is the identification of that fine line between a good challenge and too much of a challenge. If half the battle of math learning is about keeping up a good attitude, then I'm very pleased to know it's not an either/or situation for her.  It sounds like she's felt successful in the work we've done together over the last few years.

Next week I get to start my weekly visit to the 3rd/4th grade classroom to work with small groups during math time.  My plan right now is to provide some fun, push ahead kind of challenge for certain kids and some just right challenge to help in attitude remediation for other kids. FUN.

It's shaping up to be a fun, fun year. Just this afternoon I found out that four parents at the school are programmers and university professors and they're going to start a Scratch club.  Did I mention FUN?

*I actually do not call myself a 'math teacher' but Yelena at Moebius Noodles did christen me a 'math explorer' last winter - and that's a title I really like.  I'm thinking about using it when I come in to work with the kids.  As in, I'm a math explorer which means there's lots I don't know but I'm always excited to learn more about math!

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  1. Your daughter gave great answers! I wish my daughter would have this assignment in class, I'd be curious to see what she would say... She complains often that I push her too far.


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